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Before I go, a freaky story.

mountain_child and I went out to dinner last night at the Toll House in McCall, which is mostly a pizza and pasta place. While getting my salad, an employee behind the counter (middle aged man, clean shaven) asked me about the shirt I was wearing. "What's that?" he asked, "The Mighty Giants?"

I explained to him that it was a band.

We ate our dinner outside.

Shortly after, I went inside to pay. While waiting at the register, he came out from the kitchen to talk to me again.

"So, Where are they from?"

I didn't know. I said that they played all over, but I didn't know when or where they started out.

"Uh huh. And what kind of music do they play?"

Nonsense and satire. Humor stuff, you know? Do you ever watch that show, Malcolm in the Middle? (here is where I sang a few seconds of "You're Not The Boss Of Me")

"Well, can you contact them?"

I guess so, I said, thinking he wanted a t-shirt like mine. I mean, they have a website and all.

"Oh, great!" he said, with excitement. "Will you do me a favor? Will you write to them and tell them to please visit a website called

Buh? Fine.

I guessed that is was a Christian music site, begging artists not to write songs about sex and drugs and stuff, and I was right.

So, They Might Be Giants, if you're reading my journal, please go to that site. Thanks!

Go Idaho!

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