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You know you're well on the road to boring adulthood when your Mom-figure greets you at the door and cheerily says "I have a surprise for you!" and your first thought is not "a pony?" but "did you fix the toilet?"

I mean, how sad is that? Thankfully, Doc did find the missing toilet part and told me how to install it, so my three month-long ordeal of having to turn the toilet on, wait for it to fill, flush, and turn it off every time I use it, is over. Hurray!

I just got back from a 2-day collecting trip (shorter than I planned for) up near the teeny town of Avery on the shadowy St. Joe river, which was hot and dirty, but fun. We collected on the continental divide on Tuesday, and yesterday we hiked around Snow Peak for a while, eventually driving back down to the river, collecting some red alders for my master's stuff, and having a swim. We had a fantastic pizza dinner in St. Maries, and we sang silly camp songs all the way home. Fun. I got back around 2300.

I went over to Pam's at 1000 this morning to help get the last of the plants into the press, and to talk shop with Steve for a bit. He's in the middle of another round of chemo right now and is not looking good...he's so thin, but has a big beer belly from fluids leaking into his body cavity. Today was the first day that I really thought that my advisor may not live to see me finish my thesis. I hope that's not the case.

And now it's lunchtime, and then off to the herbarium to earn precious, precious dollars. Umph.

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