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What sucks terribly is waking up slowly, eyes still closed, thinking you're at home, then opening your eyes and realizing you're still in Moscow.

What rocks a good deal is waking up slowly, eyes still closed, thinking you're in Moscow, with all the tests and projects and packing and ugliness to do, then opening your eyes and realizing you're at home.


Mom's out getting some groceries (strawberries!), so I'm hanging out downstairs, enjoying the quiet. Made some nice flower arrangements from the yard...I did one with dark purple azalea and cedar branches that turned out nicely.

Munching on birthday cake (devil's food with rainbow chip frosting, aw yeah) for breakfast (perfect). When Jason gets back from school, we'll unload my car. It was packed so heavy, I could actually feel it dragging as I drove home yesterday. More on that later.

The only other thing is...Blue, are you free Sunday and Monday (skip school for a day?). The Queen's Day parade in Victoria is on Monday, and I'm driving up to see Jason play. Do you want to come?

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