Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

A quick and dirty update:

*A pipe broke in our basement yesterday, but we got it cleaned up after a while. Hooray for dehumidfiers and wet/dry vacs.

*I'm eating too much. Whence portion control? Urg.

*Mom and I drove to Forks yesterday to collect alder samples, which was fun. I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to work for the Park Service on Hurricane Ridge and live in my Nana's cabin on Lake Southerland (which nobody is ever invited to, but whatever). Oh, it would be so incredible.

*I washed and waxed my car. ::flex:: Tomorrow I get my brakes fixed. ::double flex::

*I just got a little plaything to help me with my Master's stuff...a nice little Garmin eTrex GPS unit (Legend). Yay for gift cards. I had to exchange the first one, since something with the satellite finder didn't work, but this second one works fine. And I know that it can do all sorts of great GPS stuff...mark waypoints, show maps, show moonphases and sunrise and sunset times...but right now it is really hard for me to get past the fact that the casing is blue and sparkly. Seriously! I want to name it after a My Little Pony.

*mountain_child just called me from his satphone on the lookout. It was strictly a business call (pickup on August 15th), but...::romantic-sigh, heart-bubbles::

*I lurve The Daily Show.

*Would anyone I see often be willing to make some VHS recordings for me in the near future? From the Weather Channel?

*Racoons are everywhere.

*I made blackberry pie. I makes good pies.

*I got my SAS yearbook today. ^_____^ It includes a large close-up of my face giving the commencement speech, in which my pupils appear to be enormous. Interesting!

My stream-of-consciousness posts are odd, I think.

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