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Yesterday was a pretty good day. I had my Stats class at 9:30, and I think it will be No Fun At All, but I just need to suck it up...and the professor seems good.

Then I had three free hours, in which I dealt with some tuition hassle at the SUB and took a long nap in the Reading Room. I've been completely, bodily exhausted for the past two days and I don't know why. I hope I'm not coming down with something.

My molecular methods class was fun. The explanation part of it went a little fast, which was a bit frustrating, but now that I have the manual I can do more reading ahead of time. Plus, our lab was extracting and amplifying our own mitochondiral DNA in order to construct a family tree of the class. How cool is that?

After lab, Tyler and I went and bought some flowers for Cody and then drove to Pullman. Katie met up with us at the house, and we all went out for a raucous dinner at Sakura, where the service was incredibly slow, but the food was good. We reminiced about Semester at Sea the entire danged time. YES. I also nipped next door and got myself a pretty black princess-seamed leotard with a dropped back. I have a lot of loose skirts that tend to show a gap of skin under my camisoles, or worse, my underwear, so I think this will be a good option. Plus, the material is soft and thick enough to be supportive (not spandex).

We got ice cream after that (peppermint bark for me), wandered back to the house and said our sad goodbyes to Cody (who moves to New York tomorrow), and left. We drove Katie home and actually got to see her apartment, where we hung out for a while until Jesse came home. It was fun. Tyler and I got home much later than we intended, but it was a nice night with friends, and a good send-off for Cody.

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