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La la...not too much to announce.

I got to feeling kinda sick on Tuesday...just tired all over, and crampy for no reason. I slept a lot.

Yesterday was better. Tyler and I biked to school (pant), went to stats, I dealt with some more money stuff (trying to get Student Accounts to believe that I have an assistantship, so they charge me in-state and not out-of-state), biked to Qdoba for a much-too-big quesadilla, and went to lab. Lab was very long (1:30 to 5:00) and a little disappointing, because we flouresced our gels and none of our PCR reactions worked. Luckily, we're a canny bunch and unanimously voted to try it again. I like this class.

After that, I biked to the Co-Op for some groceries, then headed home to make curry for Tyler and I. We ate it on the brand-new shiny silver plates that Navin's family bought and engraved for us in India (Tyler didn't know he had one too) and watched DS9. Delicious.

And now to school for Fundamentals of Research...pleh.

P.S. We did get to see the last song at the Blues Traveler performance on Monday. :)

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