Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Another week, le sigh.

It was a good weekend. Tyler and I stuck around on Friday to go to dinner at the UI president's house (for grad and international students...I met someone from Eritrea) and hang out with Dana that night for SAS pictures.

The next morning, we drove out for a collecting trip to the north fork of the Clearwater, above the Dworshak reservoir. It was on a long and winding 2-lane highway, so I underestimated the distance significantly...300 miles, just as far as from here to Seattle. Still, it was a nice trip. The road along the lower Clearwater is pretty, the high plateau above the river (around the microscopic towns of Weippe and Pierce and Headquarters) was pleasant, and there was plenty of disjunct red alder to sample.

I cut myself on some grass, got covered in flies, ate blackberries, and went swimming in the river. Fun!

We stopped for dinner at a lovely Orofino hotel at sunset, at an outdoor deck overhanging the river. Unfortunately, the only meal on the menu that didn't appear to have meat in it (spinach fettucini) in fact contained large amounts of pork sausage. Thankfully, the wait staff was nice about it, and didn't charge us for the large salad (with an amazing huckleberry vinegarette) and garlic bread we'd already eaten. I left a large tip and we drove home.

Yesterday was cleaning house, finally finishing the revised claim forms for the helicopter accident, vacuuming my car, and introducing Tyler to Futurama. I did not get my Stats homework started.

Today is our reattempt of the PCR in lab, so wish me luck.

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