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Call the Waaaaahmbulance

Tuesday was not a good day. I summarize my moods on Tuesday for you below, as quantified on an index of 1 to 10.

7:00 AM: I crawl out of bed (10...I always start out happy on a new day).

8:00 AM-10:00 AM: I cram for my first Fundamentals of Research terminology quiz, studying the 100+ words the professor defines on the terminology page (8...I felt bad for leaving it so late, although I'd been too busy to do it earlier).

10:45 AM: I arrive in class and chat with Steve, a fellow student (although he's in his Ph.D).
ME: "Don't tell anyone, but I didn't start studying until this morning." (this is me trying to make friends and lighten the mood)
STEVE: "What? You're a grad student, you should have been studying a week ago."
ME: ::deflates to 6::
STEVE: So, what's your project about?
ME: "I'm studying the relationship of disjunct red alders in Idaho with the parent populations on the coast, and trying to figure out if they're more closely related to the southern population or the northern one, and trace their movement over here in the last periglacial period."
STEVE: "Wow!" (laughs) "That sounds easy."
ME: ::deflates to 3::

11:00 AM: We take the quiz and I discover that I am unilaterally stupid, because we were not getting quizzed on all 100+ words on the website, but on 18...from an assignment page that I'd failed to see. Because of this, I miss some easy points for working too hard and not paying enough attention. I slide to 2.

1:00 PM: I get out of class.

1:30 PM: I meet with Abbey, a UI student going on Semester at Sea this spring who wanted some advice. We talk for two hours (my face hurt from so much talking). I feel better after reliving the experience and getting to talk with someone who really wanted to listen. My spirits lift to 6.

4:00 PM: I ride back to the house. Doc's home from Washington D.C. with cookies! Instant 7.

5:00 PM: I drive to shaylith's house, because she has a TV, and the Weather Channel was supposed to be re-airing the Storm Stories episode of my Semester at Sea storm that I missed a month ago. I'd been looking forward to it ever since.

5:30 PM: My SAS program is preempted for Hurricane Katrina coverage. However self-centered it is, I plummet to the depths of abject despair at 1.

6:00 PM: I go home and mope.

7:30 PM: I try to work on the Stats homework, but Tyler left the book at school. I go to bed.

Ashes. All is ashes.

I think I'm going to Seattle for the weekend. Anyone want to come? I don't know if mountain_child will, since he's drowned himself in his mycology textbooks. He's not even reading LJ. HEY TYLER, I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU. See? Nothing.

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