Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Punctuation mark: the colon.

(this is not news, by the way...I was just out of the country when it happened)
(or I was shipwrecked in Hawaii, but that's almost the same thing)

The class: Fundamentals of Research.

The issue: Hypotheses.

The fact: Poor people have higher divorce rates than middle-class and rich people do (2000 census data).

Hypothesis 1: Poor people have more stress in their lives, therefore higher tension yields more marriage strain.

Hypothesis 2: Poor people have less education, so their poorer negotiating skills result in more marriage strain.

My bet: Hypothesis 1.

George W's bet: Hypothesis 2 (

The cure: $1.5 billion allocated for marriage classes.

My question: Can poor gay couples take them?

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