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I cannot freakin' wait for this movie to come out. I cannot.

I know that there are problems with it. I do not care.

Main Japanese character played by a Chinese actress? Don't care.*
Major supporting actress played by a Malaysian actress? Don't care.**
Overdramatized from the book? Don't care.
Book itself overdramatized from the true account? Don't care.

I mean, look at this trailer! I love it! I love the shot with the fighter planes flying over the torii. I love the shot of the dancers twirling fans. I love the shot of the Gion rooftops. I love the music. I love the kimonos. Maybe it will be a bad movie, but I do not care, because it will be pretty.***

It's like those oversized rainbow-swirl lollipops for sale in overpriced candy shops. They're so bad for you, and so nice to look at.

::happy sigh::

P.S. Is that Carrie-Anne Moss as a background geisha in the snow dance scene? BAM.

*I do care...I just wouldn't have known the difference if a Chinese friend hadn't pointed it out, which makes me feel bad. I think a Japanese actress would have been better, but the casting director said they picked the best person they found, and she happened to be Chinese.
**I care about this one too, and I CAN see the difference here...but I still think she's good for the part.
***I like the first episode of Firefly because of Kaylee's parasol.

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