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The following is a classic example of why I am just not the brightest crayon in the box.

Okay. I bought myself a little planisphere (star wheel) at the Sonoran desert museum a few years ago. I lurved it very much. Then at some point last fall, I lost it. I absolutely could not find it anywhere, and so my despair, I had to leave on Semester at Sea without it.

While on SAS, mountain_child sent me his star wheel, and I was forever grateful.

Then as soon as I got home, I unknowingly lost HIS as well. When he asked me to bring it with me to the lookout, I searched in vain, but to no avail. It was lost, precious, lost.

About a month ago, I found his star wheel. It was shuffled among the books in my nightstand cupboard, so I'd have it readily at hand at night if I needed to go stargazing. I was happy.

But now, I was just cleaning out said nightstand cupboard, and I original star wheel. That's right...I managed to lose two of the exact same object in the exact same place. For MONTHS.


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