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mmmm, Star Wars...

Jason and I didn't know what lines to expect, so we got down to the theatre three hours early and were the second ones at least our seats were good, if not boring, for those three hours. Jason was wearing my Jedi shirt that I made, and I was wearing my ankle-length Padawan cloak. And both uf us wore shades. :)

Mooched around the theater for a while until it started. The cool thing, as I was telling Blue this morning on the phone (I was pretty asleep...I *think* that Blue called. I *think* that was me), is that the only people that come to the very first 12:01 showing of Star Wars are the people that want to see it *bad*. So we had a whole huge theatre full of people that were really psyched for it.

Here's kind of a play-by-play (more of what I liked than events in the movie)

*Prologue rolled. Everyone cheers madly.

*Attempt on Amidala's life again, gets one of her body doubles. I liked the way this was done.

*Jumping off things, driving really fast around Corusant.

*I'm developing a strange and slightly disturbing affinity for Amidala's clothes. Like that pale backless gauzy thing she wore at the lake, and the gold thing on the meadow (what was with those grazing animals with the tremendous asses?) and the hairnets (I like hairnets), and that deep blue thing she wore on Tattooine, with the tassels and the mandala.

*Stormy seas on the clone planet, and the resulting lightsaber fight in the rain

*All things Fett

*A really, really big lightsaber battle, with a very many bright colorful lightsabers in a duststorm sort of setting, featuring Mace Windu's purple lightsaber

*Jar-Jar having his first appearance, and the guy in the front row that yelled "DIIIIIIE!" at the top of his lungs.

*Shiny, shiny shiny Nubian ships

*Sweet Jedi love

*Shmi, and meeting Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru (well done)

*Padme's totally unbelievable jump off the pillar and onto the animal, behind Anakin, landing on her crotch instead of her feet and being completely unfazed by this.

*Jedi school, with Jedi classes (and that awesome model of the galaxy they projected into the classroom)

*Launching of the Stormtroopers, launching of the Star Destroyers, and 3D blueprints of what becomes the Death Star.

*And, finally, very finally, Yoda gets to KICK some ASS.

Go see this movie RIGHT NOW, if for no other reason, than to see Yoda lay the smack down on Evil Guy. That one scene rocks beyond all reckoning (and everyone in the theatre was on their feet cheering).


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