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I forgot to post about this, but I saw an interesting movie preview when I was at Serenity last week. It opened with a shot of Mars and a phrase about "all Hell breaking loose," and I said "ha ha, it's like DOOM."

And then it cut away to a first-person viewpoint shot of running down corridors with a big gun bouncing along at the bottom of the view, and I went ".............................oh."

DOOM, as it turns out.

It stars The Rock, with I find hilarious.

Today was good. My research fund class was canceled (my only Tuesday class), so I spent the morning organizing some of my red alder specimens, then spent midday in the lab, starting the analysis of my first round of test samples. It wasn't anything spectacular...I measured out 50 mg of eight dried leaf samples (and 100 mg of one fresh leaf), labeled tubes and trays, ground down the leaves with liquid nitrogen in separate mortars and pestles, scooped the powder into E tubes, and added 500 microliters of buffer before cooling them all overnight. Still, I really enjoyed it, which must be a good sign. It feels good to be starting, and hey, liquid nitrogen. Bonus.

Then I did an art project and a loan in the Herbarium, quit for the day and walked out to my car (didn't bike today...looked like freezing rain, but it wasn't), then went back to the Herbarium and got my keys.

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