Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Whee, I feel all domestic and helpful.

Went to dentist appointment early this morning. Thorough teeth-cleaning, and was fitted for my mouthguard (I've started grinding my teeth at night; I think it's anxiety or stress...darn it).

Pedicure, courtesy of my mom. ^_^ Then drove to the credit union to transfer some bonds.

Toilet trained a small child.

Mowed the lawn (part of suck-up-to-dad deal I have going on right now, since it seems I'll be driving to the airport in Cascade before Taylor Ranch, and he isn't happy about my car being left alone in the aviation parking lot for 2 months).

Washed (by hand) and waxed my car (see previous).

Whipped some cream for the the two pumpkin pies mom and I baked yesterday (also see previous).


What prep label are you?

Washed, dried, and put away all the dishes.

Then Jenna came over a few hours ago, and we went for coffee at the U village Barnes and Noble. Good times. I haven't seen her in months. Caught up on each others' lives and such.

That's 'bout it. I promise to update again tomorrow with more.

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