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I have not had a good day today.

Last night, 2030: I accidentally drop my favorite bowl (the sunrise one with the crescent moon and stars) and it breaks on the floor.
Today, 0800: I find out that I did about 10% worse on Friday's stats exam than I hoped (it's okay...only about 30% of my total grade).
0830: I take my broken car to the dealership and bike to school.
0915: I realize I forgot to go to a 0900 meeting with Pam and the people who make the herbarium compactors.
0930: Stats begins. It turns out that Kirk will not be giving us extra points to make up for the exam that was so long that nobody was able to finish in the allotted 50 minutes, despite that he had strongly hinted otherwise the week before.
1030: I go to the Herbarium and find out that our department head changed his mind, and is taking away two rooms of our new herbarium space that he magnanamously gave us a month ago because the new space was too small.
1100: I realize I've forgotten to meet someone in the CNR about my master's project.
1101-1110: Running.
1130: Return to the Herbarium and work.
1200: Notice large inoperable hangnail.
1645: Realize that it is now dark and raining, and I rode my bike (I have no lights) and did not cover the seat.
1655: Nose freezes and falls off. Rain turns to snow.
1700: Am almost hit by car.
1705: Arrive at dealership with soaked butt. Pay for new battery (yay for quick fix, happy car, and no labor charges!).
1710: Wrestle bike into trunk, which does not go as smoothly as it did in the morning. Get bike grease and dirt all over hands, and realize it after I wipe my wet hands on my shirt.
1720: Go to store and buy fattening things in attempt to feel better (snow requires nog).
1800: Embarassing social gaffe at dinner due to forgotten political differences at the table.
1900: Printer decides to ignore the computer for an hour.

Tyler, being the loving mate he is, glued my bowl, made me hot tea when I got home, and gave me a big hug.

In conclusion, I require the use of a waaaambulance.

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