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This just in...I am, in fact, a girl.

This post is LJ-cut to spare you all a post about boots.

I have wanted a certain pair of boots for a long time (to wear with long skirts and such), but have been unable to find them an/or too poor. Now I have enough money, and lack only the boots themselves.

The boots should look something like this. I think they're called granny boots. The distinguishing factors are:

*Color (preferably brown)
*Laces (all the way up, preferably with hooks)

This makes them pretty hard to find as it is. However, two of my own qualifications make it even harder.
*Heels (preferably as low as possible, and spikes or stilettos).
*Size (I wear a women's 11, which borders on the upper limit of all women's shoes, let alone the pretty ones...most pretty shoes top out around 9).

A Famous Footwear just opened in Moscow today and I went to check it out. They had a number of good-looking affordable boots there, and so I tried two pairs. Here's what I found:

1. The first pair had laces and was calf-high. It looked pretty good, except for two things. First, it had a very blunt rounded toe that looked kinda funny. Second, the heel was 2" high. I quite literally felt and looked like a pig on stilts.

2. The second pair was made of impossibly soft and flexible leather that slithered and stretched around my ankles as I walked, which felt neat. It also had lower, more managable heels. However...and this is odd...they made my feet look absolutely HUGE. I mean, Baby Got Feet*. I'm proud of my big feet and have never been self conscious of them, but I seriously looked like a jacana.

In short, I really need an accomplice to come shoe-shopping with me and give some frank advice. All these shoes are on sale and I want to get while the getting's good, but I don't want to waste my money either.

*, Becky, look at her feet, they are SO big. She looks like one of those fetish guys' girlfriends. Who understands those fetish guys? They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute, ok? I mean, her FEET. They're just so BIG. I can't believe they're so LONG, they're just...out there.

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