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I got the pig boots.*

The heels are too tall and they hurt the soles of my feet, but...


...but dang, they look good. I feel sexy and confident when I walk around in them. Not quite the sexy/confident of a dominatrix, but alarmingly close.

The biggest size (10) fit me fine, so I special-ordered my real size (11) so I can get away with wearing thick comfy ski socks inside, to spare my poor bones a little. I also like that they're lace-up for the cool look and good fit, but have full-length zippers so that getting in and out isn't such a struggle.

Padded insole, my ass.

So, I am excited. I predict a lot of prancing around in these when they arrive, since I am highly unaccustomed to sexy shoes, and have little to no experience in all. I normally try to avoid Stupid Girl Stuff that makes no sense or is painful or expensive, but I'll allow myself this one blind spot. This time.

*because shaylith threatened me with death.

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