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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been absent for a bit. Everything is fine. My week off has thus far included a long drive, a great meal, some decorating, some frustrated shopping, the arrival of my Sexy Boots, a very good dentist appointment, and a haircut (too short, but still good). Nothing very interesting. I have accomplished very little homework headway, which makes me nervous.

Hope everyone's having a great holiday with people they love, and tasty drinks.

Dear LJ:

Please stop changing my journal view from Dystopia back to XColibur every month or so. I hate XColibur and find it very difficult to navigate. I also find it very difficult to find the page, from XColibur, that allows me to change the view back to Dystopia. If this happens again, I will have to bookmark the view options page, and that is just sad.

Only a small amount of love,

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