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Here is what is going on:

*I am still really sick. Thankfully, with the help of a humidifier, my uncontrollable dry cough has turned into an uncontrollable wet cough, which is progress. However, I still feel like sleeping all the time, which I can't, what with the coughing. I wanted to puncture my lungs last night, but mountain_child said no.

*My room currently contains an unmade bed, rumpled clothes, a steamy humidifier, a bottle of cough syrup, unwashed dishes, and about a thousand used tissues. It is a veritable shrine to grossness.

*shaylith came over for the weekend, and we all had a blast. We bought the next-to-last small tree at the St. Maries sale (just a little shorter than me), grabbed some rainbow lights and a pizza, and decorated it after watching The Emperor's New Groove, again. All my decorations were in Seattle, so we decorated it with whatever we had lying around, which ended up being a lot of Semester at Sea stuff. Among other things, the tree currently sports a small wooden giraffe (Kenya), a string of beads (Kenya), a carved safari necklace (Kenya), all the copper bracelets I got in Kenya and a silver beaded one from India, a keychain with a picture of the late pope (Venezuela), and is topped with a star from Hawaii made from raffia, twigs, and seashells. It also has both my graduation tassels, a stuffed dragon, a stuffed crow, a stuffed flicker, and a stuffed flu and halitosis microbe (greatly magnified).

*I tried to go to the doctor yesterday and failed the first time, because when I called the place I usually go to, which was closed, they played a message giving the hours of their weekend clinic, which I thought was the same place. My second try was successful, but since what I have is probably viral, there isn't much they can do. They gave me some antibiotics to prevent infection, and some cough syrup packed with hydrocodone so I can sleep. I took some an hour ago and I'm as dizzy and woozy as I could ever imagine, but it's a benevolent feeling.

*Doc is decorating the tree downstairs and not having much's a spruce.

*I am done with my research proposal. Now I only have to write a short paper on a defense I attended, give my proposal presentation on Tuesday, and get an A on my Stats final next week, and I'm golden. I can't wait for Christmas. It seemed to be a long time coming this year.

*Our backyard is positively packed with birds today. I've seen flickers, juncos, chickadees, mourning doves, sparrows, finches, crows, magpies, starlings, a pheasant, hawks, and a bald eagle. Whoa.

*It has been snowing in Moscow every day for a solid week. I am in heaven.

Also, I got this in my fortune cookie a few days ago:
"Work on improving your exercise routine."
Screw you, fortune cookie.

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