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Well, sort of. Here's kind of a breakdown of what's going on in the house right now.

This quiz was made by lia

(I took this quiz and ended up being a little of both)

1. Last night, Adie and Ryan started complaining about Johnny. Again. AGAIN. The food's too greasy, Johnny's mean to them, food tastes bad, the blood on the floor from the meat is a health hazard, etc. Most of the people in the house shouted down their complaints. Here's my response.
a. Johnny's food is excellent. He really cares about what he cooks, and he does a damned good job of making sure we eat well. He listens to our feedback, and at every single meal he has an entree, a salad bar, a sandwich bar, *and* a special vegetarian option on top of that.
b. He's cooking for 45 people, three times a day. That's more than Adie does.
c. Johnny's mean when he has a reason to when people start demanding things of him, insulting him, or going over his head instead of talking to him. Johnny's never on the offensive. He just doesn't take any crap off of people.
d. We don't eat meat off the floor.
e. Johnny made omelettes to order last weekend, on top of preparing biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and providing yogurt and doughnuts. I has to wait for my omelette because Johnny couldn't use the stove. Ryan and Adie were using it to make CREPES.

So, in spite of everything, they called Johnny's boss last night and complained, so Johnny shut down all the cereals and beverages and extras again. He's got every right to. He's really angry. If they complain to the health department, Johnny could be blocked from ever working in the food industry again. Why can't people leave him alone?!?

2. Matt fell on some ice out by the Targhee River and sliced his elbow open pretty badly.

3. He did it helping Kim, who also fell and may have a broken ankle (she's still in the hospital, we're all hoping she's okay!). Update on this later.

4. My head hurts a lot. And I think I may have mono.

Anyway, that's the news for now. More to come...

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