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Ahhh, the language of spam. Picking any words that you think might make it past the filter. Well, I'm looking in my filter, and you are all thwarted. HA.

This first line looks like some fine Engrish.

We acknowledge you for being our customer. Thus, we put wise you of information and renovates between whiles. We apologize and hope you will take a jaundiced view at medicaments we sell.

These subject lines are all from spam for Viagra and penis enlargements:

"Re: sandstorm Medds"
"Re: rusty Medds"
"Re: taproom Pharmaceutiickal"
"Re: han Maeidicaations"
"Re: hibernal Mediacatiiuons"
"Re: aviator Mediaccatiozns"
"Watch out for El Nino! aatcme"

And, the final irony:

"Re: inapplicability"

Yes. Yes, I thought so too.

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