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*I am home. mountain_child and I picked up Jason and Ilana at WSU yesterday at 7:30 AM, and we rolled into Seattle around 1:30...pretty good time, considering all the fog and ice. We spent the rest of the day lazing around, watching DS9, scrounging for food (cookies!) and looking at Christmas lights.
*I drove mountain_child to the airport at about noon today. He'll be in New Mexico for the rest of break, and I'll join him for a week after Christmas.
*I am approaching level 8 in Kingdom of Loathing, and I still love it (I'm undefiling the Cyrpt, next to The Mispelled Cemetary).
*I hate TV and it rots your brain, but OMG, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is really funny. It's a dubbed-over version of this terrible 1980's Japanese game show. I have never seen human beings take such abuse, even in football, and it is a terrible show and I highly recommend it.
*I just finished decorating our tree. Insert squee.

~And Now, A Word About The Grameen Bank~

*I will be donating $60 to the Grameen Bank this Christmas, and I highly recommend it if anyone is looking for a worthy organization (it's not charity, per se). It's a microfinancing program, no collateral, that loans money to the poorest of the poor that need money to get on their feet with ideas or projects that could earn them a living (like buying some chickens for selling eggs, or buying a sewing machine to become a tailor). Ninety-six percent of the recipients are women (men tend to drink the money), and ninety-nine percent of the loans are repaid in full. The money is loaned to women in groups of about four or five, and all are held responsible for repaying the loan, which wins them the right to apply for later, larger loans. That way, it's not a big scary organization policing the's your sister-in-law, or the neighbor down the street. Plus, instead of foreign organizations hiring these people to provide products or services that they will never see, these people provide goods and services for their own communities, preserving the community welfare and culture. Because of this, the ventures are more likely to work, because the people live there and know what the needs and niches are...they may have known for decades, and have lacked only the startup capital to fill them. It doesn't make anyone just gives them the means to self-sufficiency. It is awesome.


*I will be going to see Rent and Memoirs of a Geisha over break and need a movie buddy. Email me.
*I missed being home. No matter how much it hurts when I'm away, it's never until I get home that I remember how much I underestimate missing the smell of the water, and the smell and sight of all the green.
*We finally redid my late grandma's rocking chair, one of the two incredibly wonderful things she left me (the other was her quilt). Dad and I refinished all the woodwork to bring out the deep brownish-purple gloss of the mahogany (it was flat and uneven before), and had the seat recovered from a shiny pea-green faded/stained brocade to a soft deep cornflower velvety material. Every morning, I sit in it, put my feet up on the window seat, and watch the chickadees at my feeder outside the window. Bliss.
*I love our fireplace.

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