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I needed a pair of exercise pants that I could wear at the rec center, as my only choices thus far were a) pajamas, and b) too-tight khakis with bad camel toe, TMI. Jeans aren't allowed. So I went to Tri-State and deliberated.

Pants A were comfortable and on sale, but were slightly too form-fitting for my taste.

Pants B were comfortable and more pricey, but fit me very comfortably and didn't make me look like an exercise tart.

However, pants B were made by Nike, which I have never bought anything from due to social concerns that are fairly obvious at this point. "Nike" and "Sweatshop" are pretty much synonyms.

I did NOT want to buy from Nike. I went to another store and tried to find something else. However, I tried on all the other pants they had in both stores, and all were either uncomfortable, distressingly tight, too hip-hugging, alarmingly low-cut (HATES), or were made of gross material (or nylon, which is too loud).

And so, to my chagrin, I got the sweatshop pants. What do you think about this? What would you have done? I feel like a total corporate tool.

P.S. Please do not send me links to environmentally-friendly sports clothes sites. The pants are already bought, and I don't buy pants online anyway.

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