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I am irritated that I don't have enough time to update my LJ when things come up that make me want to update.

Here is my angry face: >:(

In fairness, a large part of it is also that the wireless at our house has been down for several months, so the only time I can update is when I'm at school, which is usually a busy time.

At present, I Seattle. I had my big gymnosperm midterm exam in Dendrology last night, and then Tyler and I bombed over here. The pass crossing was a bit sticky (snowy roads, wind, and bad visibility), but we beat the avalanche team and made it okay. He'll be leaving in a few hours for Los Alamos. I'll be home for a few days and then Mom and I will drive to Idaho and spend my spring break there. I'll be working in the lab the whole week (::grump::) but it will be nice to have some time with Mom in between.

Here is news:
*I am going to England in May during finals week to be the Maid of Honor at my childhood friend's wedding.
*I ascended in Kingdom of Loathing and am now a hardcore teetotaller Pastamancer.
*I will be going to the Queen Charlotte Islands with my Dad this summer to collect red alder samples, and on a family trip to the redwoods (that we attemped 10 years ago) for the same.
*mountain_child and I saw Ben Folds live in concert last Sunday night.
*I finished a huge grant proposal for money from the American Society of Plant Taxonomists last week, so cross your fingers.
*I wish I had more time.
*I am still getting over my cold...I'm a big congested, and my chest is rattling. I wish I knew how to make this thing stop lingering and just LEAVE.
*It's good to be home.

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