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Ugh. >splodge< That bean dip, salsa, sour cream, chips, and the bag of chocolate-covered raisins is bringing on sincere culinary regret.

Just got back from playing Ocarina of Time with Jase-face. I'm forcing him to help me get all 100 gold skulltulas. It wil happen, darn it, whether he likes it or not. We spent most of this evening harvesting Poes, though. It was fun. :) He had the controller, and I yelled directions while his rat filched chocolate covered raisins, ate the chocolate, and pitched the raisins across the room.

I really haven't been keeping up with this journal, have I? When I'm home, I generally don't have any specific things to do, or any concrete plans. The days just kind of blend together. I've spent the last week mostly just helping out around the house--the kind of stuff mom usually does, but shouldn't have to do (especially now). I've been washing dishes, helping with the little ones, weeding in the backyard, getting groceries...all the little mundane things that I've taken as welcome relief from the stress of school.

And the news finally came in...shiny, shiny 4.0. >fweeeee!< I had a feeling afterwards that I'd rocked the Econ final, but I didn't want to speak too soon. Besides, I was so googly-eyed from studying, it could have just been endorphins from class-being-over-joy. But it wasn't. :D

>fweeeeee again!<

I've been trying to help dad out too...putting gas in the cars, ferrying Jason around to his activities, mowing the lawn, etc. It feels good to be useful. We went to the big flower nursery in Maltby a few days ago (Flower World) and picked out what we're going to plant in the front yard. I grew up with our front yard being completely blocked from the street by 17 lovely Douglas Firs, which the phone company mistakenly cut down one day. So they agreed to reimburse us for the loss--17 new trees, or 3 shrubs per tree. So we went to the nursery to peruse the wares. I talked to least one tree will be a Ginkgo. (!!!)

Also got the flowers for Mom's usual hanging baskets and flower barrels, which I planted for her.

Put my hanging chair up in the dogwood today, finally. It was glorious just to lie back and listen to the rain pattering in the leaves. I just wish we didn't have so much traffic on our street.

Oh, and here's the CDs I must burn in the next few days.
*Lord of the Rings (for Tyler)
*Two upbeat CDs (one for me, one for Tyler)
*Two slower CDs (one for me, one for Tyler)
*Braveheart CD (for Tyler)

Gotta get on it. And why, oh why, can I not find a copy of Staind's "It's Been A While," UNcensored, that isn't full of blips? >hrumph<

And I highly recommend Staind's "Epiphany". Listen to it right this minute (especially YOU, Shaylith!).

So, I need opinions. I'd really like to be able to keep an online journal over the summer. I'm going to be writing letters to a lot of people (mostly because I'm a selfish prat and I want mail), but for the everyday stuff, it would get really tedious to write the same thing over and over, and I could keep everyone better informed through an online journal. I have extremely limited online access at Taylor Ranch (phone is nicht so teuer), so it would probably be a type-on-Word-and-get-online-to-post-for-one-minute thing. The only catch is--I don't want to use this journal account. I want my Taylor Ranch journal to be accessible to EVERYONE, but this one is a little more personal--I don't tell very many people about it. My parents don't read it, my relatives don't read it, Tyler doesn't read, nada. So I'd let this one sleep for a few months, and keep a summer one on LJ that everyone could read (and lips sealed about this account).

Opinions, anyone?

>must find more skultulas<

Current Good Thing: My big comfy Stinkymeat tshirt.

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