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Amongst other dreams I had last night, I dreamed I hit Dick Cheney with my car.*

I dreamed that my brother Jason and I were at the LFP mall parking lot, when Dick Cheney came up to us and tried to get us to test drive this enormous white SUV he was selling. We told him we weren't interested, but he wouldn't leave us along, so we finally agreed. We drove around the lot once, me behind the wheel and Cheney between my brother and I, then stopped and got out. It was then that I noticed he was writing on some tablet, and realized he was going to charge me $30 for the "SUV Ride."

So I hissed to Jason to run for it, we got in my car and locked the doors (Cheney pounding on the windows), and peeled out of the parking lot. Cheney tried to stop us by running in front of the car and I hit him, not enough to hurt him badly, but enough to knock him down, and we bolted. Then I was on the news all night for being in a hit and run accident with the Vice President, and the FBI was looking for me.

I knew I didn't like Dick Cheney, but I didn't know my subconscious felt this strongly about it.

*Potential FBI agents reading this journal: I have no desire to actually hit the Vice President with my car. Please do not come to my house or otherwise investigate me in any way. I am a good citizen.

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