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My Mom and I drove back out here to Idaho on Monday night, so Mom could spend a few days of my enforced Idaho-spring-break with me. We would only have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning together before I had to drive her to the airport in Spokane.

On Tuesday, we spent the entire day working in the herbarium. I had wanted my Mom to meet my boss Pam, because they've written letters and talked on the phone and I recently came to the realization that they're the exact same person, but was told by Matt that Pam and Steve had taken an impromptu trip to the coast. They'd be back Thursday night, after my Mom was gone.

Oh well. We had a nice breakfast anyway, visited the new Co-Op (and got lots of groceries!), then went to the Sangria Grill for a great dinner...

...from which I spent the entire night violently vomiting from the worst case of food poisoning I'd ever had. Mom and I spent the entirety of Wednesday in bed, to sick even to move. I couldn't even keep water down, and when all the food and water was out of me, I still kept vomiting.

Now it's Thursday, and Mom has to go home in a few hours. I'm still happy she came, but...this isn't what I planned.

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