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Happy St. Patrick's Day (or St. Sneaky Pete's Day, for any KOLers out there). You are required to kiss me, as I actually AM Irish.

Ha ha, just kidding about the kissing! I am all alone.

On a happy note, I am on the road to recovery from the food poisoning. Also, Mom and I got a free super-awesome car wash yesterday. I usually wash my car once a year (before the annual waxing...of the car, I mean), but Mom thought it was too dirty (winter in Moscow), so we took it to the car wash. The car wash was broken, but the repairguy was there to fix it and gave us a free wash to he could try and diagnose the problem.

The interesting thing was that we didn't know we were getting a super-deluxe wash (which I never do), so we got all sorts of weird treatments to which I am not accustomed. There was a point where my entire car was striped from top to bottom in bright purple and yellow goo, and Mom and I looked at each other in horror, thinking that maybe THIS was why the car wash was broken. It turned out to be some sort of wax thing. I feel bad for the watershed, but boy is my car clean.

Also, I am highly skeptical that my car was dried with lasers, despite the LASERDRI neon sign.

Here are some questions I have about food poisoning for any medical-inclined folks:

So, when I was sick on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, the throwing up came in four phases. The first phase was just food. The second phase, two hours later, was the rest of the food. At this point, I had lost a LOT of fluid (total barf count was over thirty at the end), so I was sipping on a little bit of water. Phase three was barfing up all the water.

Now, that was the point where I started to get scared. To my knowledge, vomiting rids your body of toxic substances (or bad food with the bacteria and toxics they produce), so why would I vomit clean water after the food was gone?

I didn't drink any more because I didn't want to throw up again, and my body was so tired. So I went to bed, and at about 3:00 AM (the fourth phase), I started throwing up again...this time, no water, no food. Just heaving, and a lot of bright yellow stuff. What the hell was that? Bile? Stomach acid?

And this scared me even more, the fact that my body was continuing to throw up long after I'd been completely emptied of anything offensive. I was afraid I was going to be a dead, dehydrated husk by morning, and would have called for help if I'd been able to move. What should I have done? I tried to get back to sleep and eventually did, but didn't drink anything until morning. Then I drank two bottles of lemon Perrier, 4 cans of 7-Up, and 3 cans of Vernors (ginger ale), and did not need to use the bathroom once all day.

Any ideas on what was going on with me, or advice for next time?

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