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I am now going to post a list of every item of food I have slated to be taken to Taylor Ranch...for my feeding in the upcoming months...for NO GOOD REASON!


*1 box sugar (granulated)
*1 box Bisquick (scones are good for packing!)
*1 tin cocoa (brown, sweetness)
*1 bag marshmallows (this I had to wrestle away from the Brother)
*1 jar fudge (Brother didn't see this one)
*1 box graham crackers (brown, square)
*2 boxes whole wheat Matzo crackers (full of unleavened goodness)
*20 lbs Thai jasmine rice (you heard me)
*6 boxes vanilla soy milk (nonperishable, delicious)
*1 bag banana chips
*4 bags ramen noodles (Oriental)
*4 bags soba noodles
*4 bags angel hair
*1 jar pasta sauce
*1 tin unscathed raisins (those of you that have witnessed my Raisin Conundrum will understand this)
*2 cans Cream of Mushroom
*1 can Hearty Vegetable (whatever the hell that means)
*5 cans Minestrone
*2 bags rice cakes (lightly salted)
*2 bags rice cakes (white cheddar)
*1 can quaker oats
*1 box Cream of Wheat
*1 vat peanut butter (creamy)
*1 jar jam (blackberry)
*2 bottles Shoyu (huge)
*1 jar ginger (powdered)
*1 ginger root (enormous)
*1 jar garlic powder
*3 cloves garlic
*1 jar dill weed (necessary)
*1 jar sesame seeds
*4 cans bamboo shoots
*4 bars chocolate (Hersheys, plain)
*1 jug honey (clover)
*1 barrel grape juice (exaggerated)
*1 bottle sesame oil
*9 lbs wheat gluten flour (seitan-makings)
*2 lbs adzuki beans
*1 lb lima beans (true)
*2 lbs red beans
*3 lbs granola (blueberry)
*5 boxes macaroni and cheese (there's a picture of ET on the cover. I don't understand this)
*3 boxes triscuit (salty as HELL!)
*3 lbs quinoa
*1 bag whole wheat flour (small)
*24 cans Vernors (this will probably not be packed in, but will be left for later)
*1 jar mayonaise (suspicious)

Note that everything on this list is nonperishable. Produce and perishable items will be bought for us in Cascade and flown in on demand. My next step is to sort out what I'll want for one week's worth of food, and what will be flown in later (bush planes are teensy-like).

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