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Must post in LJ more often...

Lemmie's a foggy day outside today, and I slept in a little. I returned Baraka to the video store (it was shown on SAS at least 4 times, and I never saw it...but it turned out to be really great). I'm in my office now, and just finished up my questions I needed to write for my Collapse class today, although I still need to do the readings for my 2:00 Speciation class. I'm meeting my SAS bud, Katie Boyle, for lunch at 12:30.

This is what my section of the office has, by the way:
*4 dinosaurs (one glow-in-the-dark)
*Leaves taped to walls (for to study with)
*Stack of unsorted papers
*Map of tri-state area
*Elevational map of entire Pacific Northwest
*Small stuffed crow and northern flicker that chirp when I squeeze them
*Poster with a correlated history of the earth
*Cute blue tape dispenser
*Laptop lockdown
*Bus schedule
*A stick of balsam poplar stuck in an old Perrier bottle.

I likes my ofice. :)

Life is good right now. I took a really nice dinner to Pam and Steve's last week, and Steve has been smiling at me ever since. I finally, finally, FINALLY, after two weeks of work, got my Cannon Beach specimens to fire in my PCR reaction (hurray for DNA amplification!). I found out that I'll be getting a big raise next year. And I have a ton of fun trips coming up.

I'm also pleased that my two seminar classes are almost done...I'll get so much time back when they end.

I'm mad at myself that I forgot an appointment yesterday. I never do that, and this was especially important because it was with someone I'm going to ask to be on my committee. ::facepalm:: I begged her forgiveness already...we'll see what happens.

I'm also trying to figure out whether or not I want to go on the 5-day SAS alumni voyage this summer. Well, I know I WANT to go, I guess I'm just deciding whether or not I want to put the money towards it.

And in very cozy news, I was able to start my retirement fund a few weeks ago with some of my savings from last year. Hurrah for the Roth IRA!

I wish the weather would cheer up so I could wear some different clothes. I'm a little tired of jeans and heavy coats. I want to wear my Vietnam dresses and my Sexy Boots. And when are the leaves coming out? I keep finding myself staring at the little buds on the trees and bushes, willing them to hurry. I miss the color green. And playing frisbee.

And finally, I get to go to the Ren Faire this year! I missed it last year because of SAS, and the year before because of Jeni and Devon's wedding, but not this year! ::happy dance::

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