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So, what made last night's drag show among the most surreal I've ever seen?

*My favorite drag queen dancing the Macarena?
*Miss Claudia dancing to some showtune about monkeys, wearing a tail?
*The eight-month pregnant sex-store cashier dancing in her bathrobe to "My Hump"?
*The only man in the UI ballet school, in drag and tutu, doing ballet to some slinky cabaret song?

I tipped the pregnant lady. That takes ovaries.

Tyler was a trooper and came, even though it meant he only got three hours of sleep last night. Still, I'm not too sympathetic, because he's going to spend the next three days at Taylor Ranch without me, and I am MISERABLE. I am DESOLATE. If you could into my bloodstream with an electron microscope, you would see billions of tiny tumbleweeds.

Hempfest today at the park.

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