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Loving London

Yesterday I held in my hands an herbarium specimen collected by Charles Darwin, the label in his original handwriting.

Here are the graves I visited at Westminster Abbey today:
*Henry VII
*Edward I (the "Longshanks" of Braveheart)
*Mary ("bloody")
*Elizabeth I
*Mary, Queen of Scots
*Sir Isaac Newton
*Charles Darwin
*Rudyard Kipling
*Charles Dickens
*Lord Kelvin
*Geoffrey Chaucer
*Alfred Lord Tennyson

I also went to Tate Modern and saw one of Monet's waterlily paintings (huge), a Matisse, and absolutely scads of Pollock and Dali (including the lobsterphone). Then I went to Tate Britain and saw two Waterhouses (including the famous Lady of Shalott) and Doc's favorite Ophelia (don't tell him...I'm sending a postcard).

Life is very good.

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