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Wedding, Part 1

Wedding is over. Mireille and Nathan are married.

It went off pretty much without a hitch. We had a hen night at T.G.I.Friday's a few days in advance (lots of sex gifts...I gave her some freshwater pearls from Vietnam), and I actually drank. Me! Naomi (sister of the groom) made cocktails and I tried one or two to be polite, and I actually found one that I really enjoyed. I shared it with Mom and she got quite tipsy . I don't think I got buzzed, but I enjoyed it all the same. I need to think about this some more.

Mireille and Mom and I were up late Friday night putting the finishing touches on a lot of stuff. I'd spent the day sewing seam linings in Mireille's going-away jacket, Mireille spent it finishing up dresses for the two other bridesmaids and her own skirt for dancing (cloth of gold, from an Indian sari...her gown had a 6-foot train and could not be danced in). When I finished sewing, I worked on madly printing out and assembling wedding programs, which was complicated by the fact that Nathan's printer was on the fritz and printed about 5 bad pages for every good one, which means the odds of getting a good double-sides sheet where very bad). Got to sleep at about 1:00.

Got up the day of the wedding (yesterday) at about 6:45. Mireille and I had hair appointments at 8:30, which made me nervous. Oddly, hers was much easier than mine.She just got her hair curled and put up. I got my hair washed twice (which was terribly painful), conditioned, stuck in a steamer for 20 minutes, rinsed out, and brush-curled. This meant that all my hair was pinned up, and then little bits were taken down, combed out with a round brush while being blow-dried, rolled up in the brush and then back-rolled off the brush in a twisted coil, then rolled up by hand into a little loop and pinned. It was a lot like spinning wool into yarn on a spinning wheel, only with the wool still on the sheep. The end result looked very nice, but it hurt a lot and took twice as long as Mireille's. She left without me and I got back at about 11:00.

Guests here...more later.

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