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Wedding, Part 2

Anyway. I got back to the house and changed into my bridesmaid dress, and since Mireille had hired someone to come over to the house and do all our makeup (ack, ack), I was in the chair getting mine done while Mireille went though the production of getting her dress on. I admittedly looked nice, but I didn't look like me.

We rode to the church in an old motorcar decked out with white ribbons (the car, not us). The first load took all the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride, then went back for Mireille and her Dad. This took a while, because most of the streets are narrow one-ways that were badly backed up yesterday, so a bird's-eye view of our route yesterday would have looked like a big hairball.

The church was in a beautiful grassy courtyard overgrown with bluebells and old lilacs, and shaded by big green maples. We waited outside for the bride, Naomi sniffling from a terrible head cold and me wistfully sniffing the odors of a nearby Thai restaurant. The church was a massive stone Gothic affair from the 12th century, with all sorts of niches and arches. We proceeded in and went through the service, which was quite religious (and Mireille swore to obey, which really surprised me). The bridesmaids sat in a pew instead of standing, but I had to jump up to help Mireille with her dress so she could sit through the readings. Then the wedding party proceeded into the back for the signing of the register, and proceeded out.

I caught a ride to the reception at Hatherly Manor with the cute Best Man, Nathan Cole, and Mireille's brother Case (one of the ushers). We did pictures in the back garden, played jenga and lawn darts, and mingled in the brief sunshine. I drank a mimosa by mistake. Then we went in for dinner...I got to sit at the high table, next to the groom's dad. The tables took a funny quiz about Nathan and Mireille's history, with champagne for the winners. Toasts and speeches followed (along with 6 of the 8 bottles of Martinelli's I shlepped all the way from Seattle). Dessert included custard and the cake was encased in marzipan, which I have no words for, except that the leftovers are downstairs and I've been picking at it all day.

After dinner, I went up to the honeymoon suite to help Mireille change gowns, which involved corsetry and therefore required help. We hung out up there for a bit so she could breathe. I returned shortly after to drop off Mireille's wedding bouquet, which is reportedly the last time the suite was pristine before Nathan's friends broke in and sabotaged it with toilet paper, lipstick on the mirrors, and a helium balloon in the closed toilet. Mireille threw her smaller bouquet into the ceiling, and I caught it on the rebound.

Dancing started at dusk and Mom and I came home around 9:00. I watched two Austin Powers movies (after figuring out the stereo system) and ate tomato soup.

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