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The Treasure Room

Had a great nerd day today. Mom and I started out by walking up the street to the British Museum, and spending several hours in their "treasure room." This room contained:
*The only surviving manuscript of Beowulf
*The original Alice in Wonderland (handwritten)
*The original Jane Eyre (handwritten)
*The original Jungle Book (handwritten)
*An ancient copy of the Canterbury Tales
*Four pages out of Leonardo da Vinci's sketchbooks, including a study of the moon and plans for a pipe organ
*Original handwritten sheet music by Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, and Handel's Messiah
*Two of the surviving four copies of the Magna Carta
*Letters from various monarchs, including Edward VII, Mary I, and Elizabeth I
*The diary of Scott (second guy to the south pole), open to the last entry (right before he froze to death)
*Stamps from the US colonial Stamp Act
*Letters from Benjamin Franklin (temporary exhibit)
*A letter from Darwin to Wallace
*A copy of Newton's Principia Mathematica, and a personal letter
*A book published by Galileo
*Several original (handwritten) lyrics for various Beatles songs, including "Yesterday" and "Hard Day's Night"

It was utterly incredible.

Then we went to King's Cross railway station (next door) and got pictures of the entrance to Platform 9 3/4.

Mom and I spent the rest of the day sightseeing on a double-decker bus, which was really neat. I saw a lot of outer London that I'd never seen before, like Paddington and Fleet Street. The weather mostly behaved, as did my allergies. London is packed full of sycamore trees, and all of them are dropping their tiny, fluffy, pointy seeds right into my eyes.

We stopped briefly at Westminster one more time, and also spent about 30 minutes in Harrod's, just for fun. The gelato bar was cool, the Egyptian escalator was overdone and beautiful, and the Princess Diana memorials were campy. Harrod's is like a normal department store taken one step up and too far, and the decadence was a little disturbing. The kids' section had custom-made old-style rocking horses (about $7,000) and a nearly life-sized plush elephant. O_o

Overall, it was a really good day. Therefore, I'm really upset with myself that I'm as depressed as I am about just receiving an email a few minutes ago telling me that I didn't get the ASPT grant that I hoped for. I'm a little upset that I didn't get it, but I'm primarily upset that they told me why. They thought that my methods section was "poorly developed," which was really a blow. Because I'm sequencing, my methods are very complex, and I wasn't able to detail all my methods in the very limited space that I had. It really feels awful, because I thought my proposal was really good, and I worked really hard on it, and I honestly expected to get it. I don't know what I could have done differently...extending the methods section would mean sacrificing most of the text that explains what my project is about and why it matters. I don't understand.

I also wish I didn't take criticism so hard. I hate being easily wounded.

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