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One (1) t-shirt from the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford (the belowmentioned favorite haunt of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien). Size XL, color black.

When I discovered the pub sold t-shirts (all the same size and color), I got a few. One for me, one for my Norse/Tolkien prof, and one for my uncle. The fourth is up for sale.

The front (left-oriented) reads:
Eagle & Child
St. Giles
Oxford white lettering similar to an Old English Text font.

The back has a large oval outline containing a simple line drawing of a smiling child riding an eagle (from this picture), with "Eagle & Child" curved over the top and "St. Giles, Oxford" curved under the bottom.

The cost is $21, to reimburse me for the original cost of the shirt, if you pick it up from me in person. The cost is $24 if you would like it mailed (checks are fine). First person to email me, comment here, or call me on the phone gets it.

IN OTHER NEWS: I need a mailing address (different reason) for llellewyn and troglodyteking at your earliest convieniences.

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