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Hey, troglodyteking:

I have to head back to Moscow tomorrow and I've been a little scatterbrained since I got back, so I haven't mailed your package yet. Why don't we just wait until you get back from school, and maybe you can pick it up when I'm back in Seattle in July. Is that cool?

Hey, bluemoonshark:

I have to head back to Moscow tomorrow, so it seems that I will not get to see you. :( But have a wonderful time in Wisconsin, HUGE congratulations for finishing up at school (when do you graduate?), and I hope that the bad stuff from the last week (like the housing problem) get ironed out. I'm trying to be on MSN more often, so poke if you see me.

Hey, shaylith:

I have a very small prezzie that I would like to give you, and I'd love to see X-Men with you if you are still around, but I think that you are either on the very cusp of leaving, or have already left. Is there time left to pounce on you? If not, HUGS.

Hey, spadoink and uniqueunorque

I would love to come to your wedding on July 8th. :) I am planning to be there. I am deleriously happy for you both, and your adorable photos on the website fill me with goo. On a similar note, I feel awkward asking this based on your response to mountain_child's questions, but spadoink, would you be willing to do our wedding photos next year? Tyler and I looked all through your photos of Jeni and Devon's wedding and really liked them, so I don't think you need to stress about us being unpleasantly surprised or something. We love your work, and even if you don't want to do the photos, we'd love to have you both at our wedding anyway.

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