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Ten Things About My Life Right Now

1. I'm working in the herbarium all day, every day, to make up the weeks of work that I've missed. I'm spending most of my time auditing the Asteraceae.

2. I found a drowned mouse in the washing machine yesterday.

3. I recently realized that, now that I have low-rise jeans for the first time in my life, my knickers (bikini) are visible if I'm wearing short shirts. I got some different knickers, but it's put me in the odd position of having to coordinate my shirts with my underwear every morning.

4. I'm biking to work, like a good girl.

5. Still trying to lose some weight.

6. mountain_child is flying up to Seattle for a week in July so we can scope out wedding sites (I'm excited).

7. I'm on my second ascention in Kingdom of Loathing.

8. X3 was disappointing and depressing.

9. I just finished a hilarious comic book called The Five Fists of Science, in which Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla get together to fight crime and giant battle robots. In the end, Thomas Edison is eaten by a yeti.

10. Summer feels good, even though I'm working and have committments. There's just an inherent freedom and feeling of ease that comes with it, like being able to sleep with the windows open, or eat freshly picked fruit off the trees, or choose to knock off work and do something fun, and know that's somewhat expected. I'm glad I still feel that way.

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