Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

It's been a pretty good day. I've been working hard at the herbarium but I'm at least taking Sundays off so I don't lose my will to live.

The herbarium has been fine, but my work isn't very stimulating at the moment. I'm presently working to bring our entire Asteraceae (the largest family in the collection) up to speed with the just-released Flora of North America. This means I need to go through the entire family, pull out every last species folder, check to see if the species is listed in the book, and if not, make new folders and annotation labels for every specimen we have. Finding the new name can be difficult, as some of these specimens were named in the early 1900's and never annotated if names changed, so the trail of breadcrumbs is often cold. The USDA website is helpful, but it's odd to have a book that's more up to speed than a website. The website is pretty user-friendly, but the book is not.

Basically, I'm spending a lot of time sorting, typing, searching, paging, cutting, and glueing.

Still, the satisfaction of getting lots and lots of hours in (I'm totally caught up now for the month of May and the two weeks I missed at Christmas) is very good.

Today was nice. I lounged, read my book, ate tasty food (black beans and rice with lots of hot sauce), and biked to Rudy's for a chocolate malt, just for fun. I also thought I should be industrious, so I watered all the plants in front, filled the hummingbird feeder, and baked a rhubarb pie. And cleaned up cat vomit. Thanks a million, Phytt.

Overall, a wholly pleasant day.

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