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When I was younger, the very first game we ever played on our very first computer (besides Solitaire) was King's Quest 5, which we all loved. It's the only game our whole family ever played together, even my mom, who went to the trouble of mapping out the entire desert. We played King's Quest 6 and 7 as they came out (8 was a bust), but never really got into the earlier games. There was a massive leap in graphics design between King's Quest 4 and 5, such that games 1-4 lacked mouse control (typing only, like "GET LUTE"), and has a dastardly palette of about 16 colors. We tried 4 for a while and never finished it. I think the first release of KQ1 was in black and white.

Well, I didn't realize this until recently, but AGD Interactive ("Anonymous Game Developers") did a massive overhaul of King's Quest 2 back in 2003. Not only did they improve the graphics by several orders of magnitude (check out this page, and click on "KQ2VGA Feature Page" to see the awesome header on this page that shows the difference) and add mouse control, but they added full music and several acres of content and new characters and puzzles that the original game never had. It's as if Sierra made an entirely new game in the style of 5 and 6, my favorite two of the series.

I am INCREDIBLY STOKED about this, you guys. You have no idea. This is like a Christmas present for the part of me that is 12.

I can't wait to tame the pegasus, but I have to find Neptune's trident first.

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