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It left kind of a hole

I hate plastic blister packages because they're hard to open, usually require the awkward application of scissors, and end up with sharp or pointy edges that scrape the skin. I was struggling with one this evening, trying to open the package of a new razor (I borrowed Mireille's during the wedding, and liked hers way better than my own). It wasn't until after I got the package open, razor out, and debris tossed, that I discovered I'd lost a portion of my thumb to the blade.

The odd thing is, it didn't cut through my skin...there's no blood at all. It just took off almost every layer of skin on a certain part of the thumb, so that there's a little spot that's hypersensitive to touch, and painful if pressure is applied laterally. The fact that I managed to lose part of my thumb on a razor and not bleed gives me no small amusement. Or bemusement.

My legs feel velvety-nice, though.

Moscow's starting to get hot.
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