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Today was a grumpy lab day because:

1. The autoclave is broken, so I can't sterilize more tubes, so I can't disrupt or extract any more samples, and I don't know when it will be fixed.

2. Two girls totally monopolized the tetrad today, which I didn't know until I had a PCR ready to go. I had to put the whole thing in the freezer to wait, and I don't know what that will do. Nothing, hopefully. Now I have to be here until 7:00 tonight.

3. Somebody left two, brand-new, unopened boxes of pink juice in the refrigerator. This is the florescent dye that we use in sequencing that, by weight, is worth more than gold and is supposed to be kept FROZEN at all times. Whoever did this blew about $1,600.

4. I was thinking about a problem today and mentally referring to things I learned from Jurassic Park, which is a VERY BAD SIGN.

Also grumpy (in general) because:

1. I told Jack that I didn't plan to use my St. Joe samples because of my hybridization concerns, and he looked at me like I was from the moon. Now I'm using them.

2. The custodian yelled at me because the Herbarium door was left open last night. Dude, I wasn't there. Not me.

3. A book I wanted is out of print and will cost more to order.

BUT, the good news:

Steve and Jack both approved of my sampling plans for the summer, so I'm good to go to California in a few weeks, and both of them signed my study plan. In Jack's words: "I'm happy." Meeeee, too. Only one more person to go, and then that thing's in the bag.

I got my reimbursement for the Canada trip ($1,055).

I got my reimbursement for the collecting trip, which will just barely cover the cost of the repairs to my window (the master switch for the power windows died on the trip, so we had to spend a few days with one window entirely open, including the whole cold drive back. Thankfully, the guys at the dealership were nice about it, plus they washed my car for me. Bonus!

I go home in less than a week.

I see David Wilcox live, in concert, in 2 days.

I see Tyler in 8 days.

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