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A Diatribe. For YOU.

I've been thinking about popular music a lot lately. Between my CD player breaking last year and my iPod skin being incompatible with the dock I use (I only take it out for long trips), I listen to a lot of radio now. There's some advantage to this; it helps keep me on top of some of the good new music I would have otherise missed. I didn't listen to a lot of radio in college, so most of the music I have is from the late nineties...the last time I listened to any radio.

I don't know if this is a recent development, or if it's been going on for a long time, or if it's just my own perception, but it feels as if (more than ever), popular music is just the same song. I think part of the reason is that radio stations seem to only play about 5 different songs per month. But other than that, I feel like 95% of radio songs are the same song. They're on the same topic, sung in the same style, with the exact same structure. As follows:

*Stanza (in a different, higher key this time, sung with more desperation)
*Chorus (repeat, fade out)

I can't watch American Idol. I can't listen to anything by Kelly Clarkson, for that matter. I know boy bands are an easy target, but that's another obvious example...and that's what the pop music stations play.

I mean, what are some of my favorite bands? Cake? They Might Be Giants? Nickel Creek? All original styles, original lyrics, original music. Seriously, how many songs are there about shoehorns with teeth?

Do you think popular music has become increasingly unoriginal?

Yes, and it bothers me.
Yes, but it's still good stuff.
I don't listen to anything on the radio that's not at least 15 years old.
Snakes on a motherfucking PLANE.
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