Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Webcomic #2: Acid Zen Wonder Paint

Tonight's featured webcomic will be Acid Zen Wonder Paint.

This one is in severe contrast with the last one, lacking almost everything I like about Copper. It's not introspective, it's not leading, and it's an exceedingly spare comic of stick figures drawn in MS Paint. Why bother?

Because it's damn funny, that's why.

This comic is almost entirely nonsensical...and I say "almost" because it makes just enough sense to be clever. On the other hand, some of my favorite comics, like #393, are complete non sequitors. Most of his recent comics have been written in the form of an advice column, in which someone writes in with a question that is totally ignored. Nothing makes sense in this little jaggy universe, but I love it. It catches me off guard almost every single time. Case in point: #355. And sometimes the questions actually are addressed, as seen here.

The comics that aren't advice columns (mostly his earlier stuff) are completely random. Some I find pretty funny for reasons I don't understand, like this one and some I just don't get, like this one. That's okay, though. There's almost 400 of these so far, so if I find 1 in 5 funny, it's still a good ratio for me.

Below every comic is a little text box. The title will be some sort of caption for the comic, while the text itself is usually some totally unrelated thought or story that is often funny in itself, like this one.

Beware of toilet humor in some of these. Look, to be totally honest, I don't think most of you will like this because it's so dang weird (most before about #250 aren't that great). But if one person reads this post, goes to the site, and likes it, then I have done a service to humankind.

And they're pretty lifelike and animated, as stick figures go.

Some of my favorites:
#311, which I had on my desk during Finals week.

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