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It feels so incredibly good to be home.

Things are going well. I've spent a good bit of my last two nights cutting up as many quilt pieces as I can from the remaining fabric quarters I had (I didn't cut them all up when I started). I'm concerned that I won't have enought pieces to finish, so as soon as I have all the pieces, I'm going to lay the whole thing out on the floor and see. I bet it'll make a neat picture.

The weather forecast looks good for the weekend, so the universe appears to be smiling happily on the upcoming nuptials of spadoink and uniqueunorque.

mountain_child will fly into Sea Tac very late tomorrow night. I am filled to the brim with girlish glee.

I got a haircut yesterday, which was lovely (Kim is the only person who can wash my hair and make it feel great instead of torturous). Tomorrow my whole family is having lunch out at Alligator Soul in Everett, and I will write a letter to Navin along with another foreign draft. They usually use the money for Suhith's schooling, but Sam just recovered from typhoid fever and Navin just got yellow fever, so I'm going to ask if it's possible for them to use it on vaccinations at a local clinic (Navin, as some of you remember, lost the sight in one eye to smallpox).

The pond is clean and running beautifully. My room is mostly clean. I feel great.

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