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I am very very sleepy.

Driving to Corvallis tomorrow, with stop in Portland to see about a kilt for Tyler.

Driving back to Seattle on Friday, with stop at Mt. Rainier to check out potential wedding site.

Visited Carkeek Park today and showed Tyler the beach and woods. Fun fun, but weird to be there during Day Camp and not actually working there. Sort of melancholy.

My King's Quest 2 remake is teh awesome. Tyler and I are about halfway through it now.

Batman Begins is pretty great. The 40 Year-Old Virgin is not, except for the part where he crashes his bicycle and falls through a billboard twice.

I have my whole quilt laid out. I was short on three fabrics. Found a good analogue for #1, found more of same for #2 today at Aurora Jo-Ann's, may be screwed for #3. How do you find old Jo-Ann's calicoes? Crap (it's the silverish one in my icon, at the four corners). P.S. The new Jo-Ann's up in Lynnwood is just a big Michaels that's impossible to drive to and/or park in. Bah.

My mom made my favorite cookies today. Squee!


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