Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Hello to everyone from the road! I'm writing this from the Crescent City Econo Lodge, in the far northern end of California. We drove from Eugene, OR yesterday (sampling twice), and from Seattle the day before that (sampling once). It's been a neat drive...lots of pretty things to see. I think the Oregon coast is much more beautiful in the south than the north.

We're in the northern tip of the redwood habitat, and have seen a few already. I'm hoping we'll stop to see them today, especially the "TREES OF MYSTERY" I've seen on so many billboards. Also, the Avenue of the Giants and the Lady Bird Johnson grove.

Sampling has been hot, dusty, and covered with stickers and burrs, but no tragedy yet. I expected I'd be flattened by a big logging truck yesterday, but it came out well.

Did you know they stop you when you enter the California border and check for fruit? It's true.

So far, my favorite overheard conversation ever was the two old ladies behind us at the IHOP yesterday who talked about how much they were shrinking. Way better than the crazy old man in the booth before them who kept screaming about how "MUSLIM is a religion of JIHAD!"

I have been sewing a lot, and feeling sort of fat from sitting in the car all day. Getting out to sample doesn't make me energetic; just tired.

P.S. I love free wireless.

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