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Poll #776631 World Trade Center

Has the new World Trade Center movie come out too soon after 9/11?

Don't know

I can't even watch the previews. There was a trailer for it during The DaVinci Code and I almost walked.

Bad: One of my favorite stores in Seattle, Gaelsong (Celtic/Irish/Scottish stuff) has closed forever (they're just doing catalogue stuff from now on).
Good: 75% off liquidation sale. o_O

I picked up a thing or two.

In the Beginning, a fantabulous quilt fabric store in Lake City, just did the same thing this April. What gives?

I get so much pleasure out of shopping for and preparing healthy food. I made a nice stir-fry tonight with some mushrooms, zuchinni, peas, and baby spinach. I also threw a little of the new Morningstar chik'n strips in there. Not bad. Not quite up to usual Morningstar fake-meat standards, but not bad.

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