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My upcoming nuptials have been on my mind a lot lately, so I'll probably posting about it here sometimes...either to get my thoughts down, or to get input from you, my LiveJournal Horde. However, I don't want to be totally self-absorbed about it and not talk about anything else, so I'm tagging all my wedding entries. If you get sick about hearing about my wedding, just look for the tag and skip it.

Of course, it's a whole year away, so the entries will be pretty sparse and casual for a long while.

When Tyler was visiting, we checked out two potential sites for our wedding. The Mt. Rainier site, which I was most excited about, ended up getting eliminated quickly. It's on a busy road, is run through with gravel roads, and the food area would be in a glorified garage. No good.

Right now, our top contender is the Wallace Falls Lodge, in Gold Bar, WA (an hour from my house, on the way to Stevens Pass). The pictures are mostly of the lodge itself, which is misleading...I don't plan to spend much time in there.

*The site is mostly grass...very casual and barefoot friendly, lots of room for frisbee and croquet.
*Surrounded by trees and mountains, right next to the entrance to Wallace Falls State Park.
*An awesome grove of red alder and bigleaf maple for us to have the ceremony (outdoors, of course).
*Large tent included in the price, for shade or shelter. Tables also included.
*A fire circle, with wood included.
*Volleyball net, horseshoe pit, hot tub.
*Four rooms inside the lodge are included in the price for us. The other 8 can be rented by our group, but nobody else...the whole place is ours for the night.

We have to provide:
*Table linens and dishes
*Food, which must be catered. The bummer is that we wanted to do a potluck, which isn't allowed. The good news is that I personally know two caterers. :)

*No emotional attachement to the site (it's not like we had our first kiss there or anything)
*Not an especially great view of anything, but that's okay.
*No potluck (but maybe it's easier to plan that way, so we don't have 70 bowls of baked beans)

This is obviously not for certain yet, but it's our best idea right now and I like it pretty well. I like the idea of having the wedding and reception in the same place, and since I want to get married outdoors, it had to be a nice place. A park would be nice, but I don't have any around here that I'm really attached to, and I like the security of having a place reserved in advance, where clean showers or private rooms are there if we need them.
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