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Baby got an atom bomb

So, the other night, I was upstairs in my room with the door closed, when I started smelling something that seemed horribly like cat poop. We have two cats in the house, one of which is not very hygenic, and Tyler and I have a baby gate at the top of the stairs so they can't come up...because when they do, they leave liquid diarrhea on the carpet. That hasn't happened in a year, but suffice it to say, I know exactly what cat poop smells like, and this smelled like cat poop.

I got up and opened the door, and the stench was unbelievable. The air was just rank. But although I looked and looked, there was no cat, and no cat poop to be found anywhere. The balcony door was open, but the smell didn't come from there. And oddly, the smell was highly localized. The area around my desk, the area by the kids' books, and the bathroom were all fine. The area at the base of the stairs, and the entire main floor, were all fine. The area right at the top of the stairs stank like a sewer in some alternate universe where cats rule the earth. More than they do already.

So, the best that I could figure was that one of the cats had crept up to the top of the stairs, cut an unbelievably potent fart, and took off. That is, the cat came up to the stairs for the express purpose of farting there.

So I guess my question for any cat owners cats even DO that?!

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